Saturday, January 1, 2011


No memory of why I already posted this, back in August (something must have reminded me of Dad), but can't image 1/01 passing without reposting this beautiful ode to true love & the complexities of father/son relationships.

Subj: my Own True Love
Date: Mon Jan 1 21:20:41 EST 2001

Pete, who is never far from my thoughts, has been constantly on my mind and in my heart over the past two days. You see, we met on New Year's Eve - Pete was an extra man brought by one of my best friends and her beau.

Not a New Year's Eve goes past without long and loving thoughts about that first night and every night thereafter.

My thoughts were also on Pete because of a letter from my #2 son that I came across yesterday morning in a drawer I rarely rummage through, one stuffed with photos and notes and memorabilia like graduation programs and clippings.

Mike wrote it almost seventeen years ago, Over nine years after Pete's death. It captures so beautifully the Pete I loved I am taking the liberty of sharing parts of it with this list.

Those of you who knew Pete will recognize him.

For those of you who never knew my husband, this might give a glimpse of my OTL.

- - - - - - - - -

15/5/83 (May 5, 1983)

Dear Mother -
I just finished listening to the tape of Dad's service back in 1974... I realized by what Bishop Pendleton said that Dad was a great man. He was someone to be looked up to, because of his love for other people and not for himself. I am only sorry that I didn't take the time to get to know him better...

I think he (Mike's older brother, Peter) and I watched Dad seem to give his all and get little back. I know now how he got more than we ever realized. He was happy with life and found giving to others was worth more than fine gold. We look at success as getting material wealth, whereas Dad found his wealth in loving you, and us, and believing in the Lord. I hope I can do as much. And now his real success comes in meeting the Lord with B-Boy (Mike's younger brother, Ian), as we all must some day. I only hope that when I pass to the other world, I am remembered with as much love as the world has for my Dad. For you were lucky to have so much together and share in so many ways...

Love - Michael
- - - - - -

I felt Pete's presence so strongly as I read and reread that letter, a letter I have not seen for many, many years. It is interesting that it just happened to show up on New Year's Eve, of all days. It was a lovely bit of serendipity, don't you think?

Love and hugs to one and all, especially to Pete's friends and acquaintances and most especially to our grandchildren, Whitney and Chad, Reynolds, Scott and Kimberly, and Karen ~ Mrs. Raymond Lewis Lockhart, ADPOI