Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Subj: ancient rattlesnake
Date: Thu Dec 28 08:05:56 EST 2000

That was John's description to Elsa of how I sound when I shake "Clappy" (my noise maker) to let them know I need to get up in the night. It makes me feel good to know that in spite of being pulled out of the studio or out of bed to help me get up to use "Lamb," they see humor instead of bother in the situation.

Last night was rough. If my shoulder had permitted the movement, it would have been a toss and turn night. When Elsa came down at the same time the sun was beginning to come up, she noticed my top covers were tossed off. I normally sleep with a cotton flannel sheet, a wonderful "North Star" blanket, a 2nd blanket and with my dear old red robe keeping my feet snug. Sounds like a lot, but my room is over the garage and can get a bit nippy at night. Last night, I experienced something I have not felt for forty or more years - hot flashes! Pardon the imagery, but I felt like throwing off all my covers, tossing off my nightgown and running around naked. It was strange and interesting, but it did not make for a good night's sleep.

As soon as Elsa finishes tapping this out and heads to work, I will be back to bed for what I hope will be a long and peaceful sleep.

Love and peace to you all from this restless and unrested -
*Ancient Rattlesnake*

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