Saturday, December 4, 2010


Subj: Medical Bulletin
Date: Mon Dec 4 22:05:29 EST 2000

John was an angel today. I had to go to Holy Redeemer Hospital to have a chest x-ray and to my GP right afterward. It was all very rush-rush - - my doctor was worried about my swollen legs (they look like they could belong to a full-back), shortness of breath and low energy. He wanted that x-ray done and done right away.

My dear s-i-l did not grumble about having to leave his drawing board (he is deep into a 2nd assignment). From the moment we left the house to when we came back, he gave me his total attention and loving care. After we left Dr. Litt's - he diagnosed water around the lungs - John swung by the pharmacy to pick up my medication. He fussed over me after we got home and made sure I was comfortable.

The medication has me feeling better tonight. I promise to take good care of myself, but I am ninety, after all.

When I got home, I called Elsa to let her know how it went. She suggested I touch base with Peter and Mim (she had left Peter a message about my symptoms, but had not been able to connect with Mim). I got Peter's answering machine, but Mim picked up the phone when she heard it was me and we had a good talk. She seemed very alarmed, which took me by surprise. John and Elsa have gotten so familiar with my alarums and excursions they take it all pretty much in loving stride. In any case, she said she will call back tomorrow, which I look forward to.

My dear daughter-of-the-heart, Leslie Adams, called. As the Aussies would say, she is a "bonza" gal!. Leslie is a nurse, so had some thoughts on my symptoms - - like Dr. Litt, they worry her.

As I have said before, the fixtures and fittings are breaking down, but it is not cause for worry. My life is touched with so much love and caring from so many people, every day is a new blessing.

Love to you all - Kay

Reposted in celebration of the 05/14 centenary of Kay's birth!

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