Monday, December 6, 2010

A GUY'S GAL 12/06/00

Subj: a guy’s gal
Date: Wed Dec 6 22:31:45 EST 2000

A reporter from The Inquirer called Elsa to do an article on her craft workshops. How exciting! I enjoy them so much myself - whether it was the women coming by to work on the Girls School Freshmen boxes in the summer or the Childs' kinder toiling over the living room table on Christmas projects. It was a shoo in to be a fun article.

What the reporter is interested in is the "For Men Only" workshop scheduled for next Friday night. Elsa thought it would be a nice opportunity for guys to make a handmade present for their gals - wife, sweetheart, mother, daughter, whoever. No one has signed up for the 12/15 workshop. I feel like getting down on the floor and kicking and screaming with disappointment. Hey, fellas, there is still time. Get in touch with your creative, non-power tool self. Think of me - pining away for what I had hoped would be a couple hours of a male majority in the house.

What a tidy segue into thinking about what a "guy's gal" I am. I love being around men. The Lockhart household very much revolved around Pete. It is what made my heart do a leap reading a "Family Circus" cartoon that Mim cut out to send me - one of the children told the Grandma that she wanted her to live forever; the Grandma replied she couldn't because she had a date with an angel ~ that is how I feel about being reunited with Pete. Wishing there were more males around these parts is one of the things I miss about not seeing more of Peter. It is why I am delighted that he is coming over tomorrow for a visit.

As I get ready for bed, I am having a high old time thinking about the men in my life, of the roles they have and do play in my life - my sons, Peter, Michael, and John; my grandsons, Scott, Reynolds and Chad; my nephews Bob, Jack, Jim, Gil and David; dear-to-my-heart men like Gareth Acton and David Zeigler.

Yes, I would have basked in an influx of men into the house on December 15, but the spirit of these beloved men are with me always.

What lovely thoughts see me off on my slumbers. Love - CyberGram

Reposted in celebration of Cybergram's 05/14 centenary.

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