Sunday, December 12, 2010


Subj: guardian angels
Date: Tue Nov 7 21:10:02 EST 2000

If Elsa was the fairy godmother of my trip to DisneyWorld, Bob & Lois Furry were certainly my guardian angels.

Bob & Lois live less than 30 minutes from Orlando. As permanent Florida residents, they get free season passes to DisneyWorld. Every day of our stay, Bob & Lois were downstairs waiting for us at the start of the day and saw us back to Wilderness Lodge each night. They knew were to go, when to go, how to avoid crowds, and best of all they were the wonderful friends they have always been. Elsa never touched my wheelchair, it was always Bob or Lois tootling me about. Both Elsa and I felt blessed by their presence and loving friendship.

Those two know how to make a body feel pampered. Best of all was the fun of just being with two people so clearly in love and as courteous with each other as with their guests. I confess they made me miss Pete, but with a sweet-bittersweet missing that brought his presence closer.

My, how Pete would have loved Epcot, which lived up to my every dream. I enjoyed the technological exhibits but it was the area with the international pavilions that I loved the very most. We were there during a wine festival (there is always some festival or another happening at DisneyWorld) and Australian wines were prominently displayed. Elsa took a snapshot of my with "Australia" in the background. More tomorrow on finally visiting "England" with Elsa and so many other dear, always-in-my-heart memories.

Love to my dear friends, with special hugs and thanks to 2 fine Fuzzies - Kay

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