Thursday, July 8, 2010


after a brief period of posting that wre relevant late June/early July, we return to the original, utterly-out-of-order repostings of Kay Lockhart's (Mom) "ancient" (10 years old) e-mail postings to her circle of online friends/kindred spirits

Subject: EKA
Date: Thu, 23 Mar 2000 21:17:24 EST

Emilie's license plate - EKA.

Emilie Kessel Asplundh.

I have been drifting through a lifetime of memories, spending this - the day of her memorial service - in smiles of remembrance.

Of being an elementary school student, back in the late teens or early '20s. I was a fifth grader coming down the Pike from Sorrel Horse. Back then, the elementary school, high school and college were all on the campus that is just the high school now. Lorna Johnstone (to be Hicks), Emilie's dearest friend and a high school dorm student, would walk to the Pike to meet Emilie, who would walk to school from Sleepy Hollow, where her family lived in a farm house across the Pike and down the road. Every day, they would meet up at the Pike and walk to school together. I loved seeing those two high school girls together, they were both so lovely and they played off of each other so well, Lorna with her fair hair and Emilie with her dark. They seemed to my starry 5th grader's eyes the ultimate in beauty and grace. Watching the two of them walk together to Benade Hall seemed to me like watching two angels, walking together, rapt in friendship.

I always felt that when she and Carl Asplundh married, Emilie was the bigger "catch." She was the perfect foil for Carl - a woman who never seemed to dominate, but whose powerful presence was strongly felt. A gracious hostess for a man building, with his brothers, a remarkably successful company, a loving mother, and a good friend to so many.

In my mind's eye, I see her at a party they had after a trip to Hawaii. Emily demonstrated to us the hula, which she had learned. And in back of her towered Carl, burlesquing her every movement and bringing the house down with laughter. That moment still epitomizes in my mind the remarkable partnership and love those two shared.

I cannot image the blow Carl's death must have been to Emilie. It was so sudden. As I recall, he died in his sleep. I can still remember when the minister announced his death at Sunday services the next morning, the shocked gasp from people who had just seen him at a party the night before. It just did not seem possible. Much like I feel about Emilie's passing, even though it was far from unexpected or premature.

Am tired and must toddle, taking with me more memories of Emilie to share another time. Most people felt that Emilie was blessed by life, and in so many ways she was, but what made her a truly "golden girl" were the blessings she gave in life.

Love to you all - Kay

reposted in sweet memory of its author, KATHARINE REYNOLDS LOCKHART, by her scribe/daughter, Elsa Lockhart Murphy aka Deev, in honor of the centenary of Kay's 05/14 birth

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